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Acid Shaders For Minecraft

Do you like the shadow effects? Want to have more playground around the shadows and shade work in the Minecraft world?

Then Acid shaders mod is the ones made for you to use. Acid shaders mod do not require any other software installed to perform smoothly but are all-sufficient in itself.

This shaders mod is a bit old as this was introduced a few years back, and so you might feel some hiccups while using it with the latest version of Minecraft.

This shader pack requires additional software and is very adaptive with the lesser configuration of a system, which is very unlikely compared to the other shaders pack.

What are Acid Shaders?

Acid shaders mod are an excellent pick for people who want an unreal or strange kind of experience in their Minecraft world, far away from reality.

Most of the shader packs available in the market for Minecraft are focused on providing its user a realistic feel, all by making significant tweaks in the lightning rays, playing around with shadows and color reflections.

Acid Shaders

Still, this shader pack is precisely the opposite of it.

The experimental effects can be easily visualized over objects and other things present in the environment, which in reality are very far away from you.

The more you travel away from an object, the more distorted the object becomes for all because of the Acid shader packs.

Acid Shaders

It is believed that because of this reason, the name of this shader pack is kept as Acid shaders.

GLSL Acid shaders are pretty easy for many of the players around the globe as this shader pack requires minimum configuration as a system to run smoothly.

The creator of this shader mod said that if a player can Minecraft without any hiccups and lag, he can easily install the Acid shader to his system and start enjoying the fantastic visuals without facing any performance or speed issues.

Acid Shaders

As we talked about earlier, this shader is not a resource-intensive shader; the only reason behind this is that this mod has focused on the lighting and shadows effects.

So thus, each player has its perception of the world around them.

People looking to have the same older version of Minecraft will fall in love with this shader mod.

The distorted environment around you will make you pause now and then in the game and will force you to double-check if it’s happening around you to what you see inside the game.

Acid Shaders
acid shaders

Its low resource requirement adds a lot to its popularity as almost everyone who wants to play the game can have this installed. Because of its less focused feature on lighting also has a downside: many users stay far away from this.

How to download Acid Shader Pack?

Downloading the Acid shader mod is again an effortless task.

These shaders do not have multiple versions and are compatible with other available shaders in the market and a low requirement on resources.

Please use the below link to download this shader mod.

After downloading, you have to install the shader. 

To install this shader’s mod minimal amount of changes are required to be made in your system.

Also, the setting to allow third-party apps to be installed needs to be checked.

Once installed, you easily select this shader pack under the different shader options available inside your game.

ChangeLogs for Acid Shaders Mod

  • More codes have been added and reformatted for better performance.
  • The Block outline bug has been fixed. The required changes need to be done inside the gbuffers_basic. This comes with a catch; applying these changes impacts gbuffers, so the program for all gbuffers has been added.
  • Fog has been made fancier instead of fast.
  • World space edition can be enabled simply by removing the comments from gbuffers_terrain.vsh, gbuffers_entities.vsh, and gbuffers_basic.vsh
  • Even the textured textured_lit and weather programs can be uncommented, but you may not notice such a vast difference.
  • Animal Crossing Shaders have been released.

Download Link for Acid Shaders Pack

for Minecraft 1.12/1.11/1.10/1.9/1.8/1.7

  • Acid Shaders

Final Verdict

I hope you liked the article! The acid shader is made only for the user who likes to be surprised while playing the game.

This shader mod has not focused on lighting and shadow effects at all, is compatible with any other shader mod and requires very few resources to perform the fullest.


  • We do not download and upload any shaders/mods on our server.
  • We use only links from the official developer, they are 100% safe.
  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way.


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