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Biomes O’ Plenty Mod for Minecraft

The Biomes O’ Plenty mod is for people who want some new environment in their Minecraft game.

These people are a bit bored with the same old surroundings and are searching for adding something new to their imaginary world, as we all know that the game of Minecraft is built on several sections, typically known as chunks.

These chunks are nothing but a board of 16 blocks by 16 blocks, very similar to chess, which are close enough to 300 blocks each.

The chunks are further segregated into different biomes, which chunks can see in any Minecraft world.

Some of the examples are taiga, desert, extreme hills, and plains.

So if you are looking for a mod that adds a variety of new surroundings to your Biomes O’ Plenty, you are available. Let’s discuss more!

What are Biomes O’ Plenty Mod?

biomes o' plenty mod 01

Biomes O’ Plenty mod, as the name suggests, adds plenty of new environment styles to your Minecraft games.

For starters, you will receive various unique plants right in front of you to use with these new biomes.

biomes o' plenty mod 02

Unlike some of the other shaders mod, which only has a stretch of grass to offer, these Biomes will provide some beautiful plants along with that grass.

Listing some of the new biomes are, like the bog, new, many new unique items or objects that can be used for crafting, such as a decaying wood, which can be used simply like a standard wood but is rotten terms of looks.

biomes o' plenty mod 03

When seen in cherry blossom biomes, trees like cherry drops in a particular food in the ordinary world are not available to us from trees.

You may find some of the added biomes repetitive as the vanilla Minecraft already provides similar things like flower field biomes.

biomes o' plenty mod 04

The Biomes o’ Plenty 1.12.2 mod does not offer alternate dimensions, like the lower or the end dimensions. There are many other mods available in the market which might provide you with new dimensions to explore.

Still, with Biomes o’ Plenty mods, you are allowed only to focus on the overworld of Minecraft, resulting in a more varied place to play.

Biomes like Fungi forest help you get access to mushroom mobs despite wanting to find a mushroom biome.

biomes o' plenty mod 05

Using this mod makes some of the parts in Minecraft readily available or accessible and easy for people to find and use.

But using this mod will not edit the game or make any in the rarity of the items or mobs.

Alongside these important biomes and plants, users can find some sub biomes available in the area of other biomes.

biomes o' plenty mod 06

Users have often seen an oasis sub biome right in the middle of desert biomes, making it possible to water, chop down some trees, and provide yourself some comfort and refreshment to continue further on the trek of yours through the desert sands.

Biomes o’ Plenty mods will bring in various environments in Minecraft for you to feel something new and see the difference.

biomes o' plenty mod 07

It might be good to play the game first by installing these mods and then installing them to feel the difference between what’s new and what was already present.

biomes o' plenty mod 08

How to download Biomes o’ Plenty Mods?

The Biomes o’ Plenty mods are readily available mods for you to download. You will have to worry about which version to be selected from the five different open 1.16.4, 1.15.2, 1.14.4, 1.12.2, and 1.11.2. We have made the task even more straightforward for you as you can use the link shared below to download this mod in your system and enjoy the new features.

After downloading, you have to install the shader. 

To install this shader’s mod minimal amount of changes are required to be made in your system; also, the setting to allow third-party apps to be installed needs to be checked.

After this, you can easily open Biomes o’ Plenty mods on your device.

Changelogs for Biomes o’ Plenty mod

Below listed are some of the changes in different versions of this mod

  • The new translation has added
  • A new config option has been introduced to use the BoP world type on servers by overwriting the properties of the server
  • Fir, redwood, and umbran sampling have made to grow in 2 x 2 trees
  • Things with entity sounds have been fixed
  • Butterflies and snails are being removed


I hope you liked the article! To summarize, Biomes o’ Plenty mods are best suited for people looking for something new to be added to their environment, who do not want to see stretched grass while you can have new plants.

These mods only focus on the overworld of Minecraft and do not offer you a variety of dimensions. So download the mod and enjoy the new biomes added.


  • We do not download and upload any shaders/mods on our server.
  • We use only links from the official developer, they are 100% safe.
  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way.


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