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Decocraft Shaders For Minecraft

Were you tired of using the same decoration blocks in Minecraft and looking to add some more blocks of decorations from outside?

Well, then you are in the right place. This article helps you gain the knowledge of Decocraft shaders which are the best available in the market, for adding over more than 3000 decoration blocks for your Minecraft world.

The Decocraft shaders mod helps you gather a lot more variety when decorating the blocks during your gameplay. Among the items available in Decocraft shaders, many are even functional.

This shaders mod also adds a couple of new props to have a bit more life in your Minecraft game, along with the decorating blocks. Let’s scroll down the article for a bit more details!

What are Decocraft Shaders?

decocraft shaders 1

Decocraft shaders are nothing but help you add more than 3000 decorations blocks in your Minecraft game to provide a bit more life in your gameplay.

With these shaders, you can work on anything from furniture and silverware to lamps and beer kegs.

People who are using the shaders are provided with vivid variety while decorating the building blocks. Decocraft mod adds different blocks to Minecraft version 1.12.2 and 1.11.2.

These mods are not just some simple blocks with edited colors, but the blocks available in this are more complex and have more details.

As mentioned earlier, many of the added items within this mod are also functional and have brand new textures.

decocraft shaders 2

These mods are the most crucial part of your game and are available in three different colors. These colors help in determining how an item will be crafted in the game.

You have the feasibility and ability to prepare anything, and the outcome will be pretty similar to the crafted shape.

Many people around the globe feel that mods that add more complex new items and ways to the game are much appreciated compared to the others available.

But for few people, they want their Minecraft world to be quite simple with a mod that will add nice colorful blocks that blocks can use to decorate their home or other buildings during the gameplay.

And this is where Decocraft comes in. Movability is also one of the unique features which is included in the blocks.

decocraft shaders 3

Decocraft has an amicable and user-friendly interface. This mod will give your home or building a lot more detailing and attractiveness than a vanilla version could.

People have an option first to visualize where blocks will be placed or whether they can be placed or not.

This will help you know well beforehand if there will be any huddle if you try to place a block at the desired position.

This mod also has a bench of its own known as the Deco bench, which can create the mod’s unique items. For more information around that, you can have a look at the mod.

Using Decocraft will give a sense of realism to your bedroom. Customization of bedding in the game is also one available feature.

You can craft double and even canopy beds. Also, it is possible to add bedside tables and vanities for an extra realistic feel.

Many people have raised an issue for creating a proper bathroom in Minecraft, and even if they make one, good detailing is not available.

But this can also be done using this mod. Starting from sinks, faucets, toilets, and even toilet papers, you can craft anything you want with this mod. One of the most impressive features of this mod is the hanging bridge.

decocraft shaders 4

Something which is not usually much viewed but makes wooden homes and castles attractive. So, at last, if you are looking to decorate your home in style, Decocraft mods are for you.

How to download Decocraft Mods?

Similar to the other shaders pack, downloading the Decocraft mods is quite a simplistic task. You can use the link shared below to download this mod in your system and enjoy the newly added blocks for decoration.

Alternate Links

After downloading, you have to install the shader. 

To install this shader’s mod, minimal changes are required to be made in your system; also, the setting to allow third-party apps to be installed needs to be checked.

After this, you can easily open Decocraft Mod on your device.

Changelogs for Decocraft Mod

You can go through the list of some changes made in Decocraft Mod

  • Server-side crashes have been now fixed and should run on servers now without any hiccups
  • Bugs with flower shop signs have been fixed
  • Lamppost bug has also been fixed

Final Verdict

Decocraft mods are pretty famous among people looking to add new stylish features to their Minecraft game.

This will help you revamp your home for a whole new feel from your guest room to the bedroom and kitchen to the bathroom.

Decocraft and blocks also have some movable props that help you increase your creativity inside your home. I hope you liked the article. Do share feedback and comments.


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  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way.


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