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Triliton’s Shaders

Looking for a Minecraft shader that can provide you with a decent and excellent quality of environmental experience without having to worry about the version compatibility, then Trilition’s Shaders mod is one built for you.

Even though Triliton’s shader pack creator calls it a new Minecraft shader, it has already been a year since this was first introduced in the world of Minecraft, as it was launched in May last year.

This shader pack has a clean and decent look because it was being built on the foundation of the Chocapic13’2 shaders pack.

Creators of this pack are in the further process to make Triliton’s shader more compatible with Minecraft and other older versions.

While using this shader pack in the latest version of some bugs and lags can be experienced, but that is quite occasionally.

What are Triliton’s Shaders Mod?

Trilitons shaders mod are pretty good when talked about the lighting and shadow effects.

trilion's shader image 1

One of the best features that add a lot more popularity to this shader pack is its minimum requirements in system configuration.

Compared to the other shader packs available for Minecraft game, which requires high-end graphic cards and more memory, Triliton’s shaders need only a GPU with OpenGL 3.0 support and only 512 MB of video memory.

trilion's shader image 2

The cost of this system is quite affordable for any gamer, and if you have a middle-range computer to play your game, you already have a better card configuration than the minimum required.

But it is for sure that having integrated HD graphics will not at all suffice you to install the Triliton’s shaders pack.

trilion's shader image 3

These shader mods are highly compatible when used with AMD cards compared to any other graphics cards, and so just in case you are using one such type, you already have the upper hand with the lagless and flawless working of Triliton’s shader pack.

It is not much advisable to use graphics cards from other multiple companies as they might not be compatible with the working of this shader mod.

trilion's shader image 4

The GTX series from Nvidia is also available if you do not have anything available with you.

These are some of the fundamental requirements for you to use any of the functions and should not be considered the only needed configuration.

You would require a much better configuration to have the best visual from Triliton’s shader mods.

trilion's shader image 6

While using the Triliton’s shaders mod, you can view vivid changes in Minecraft world, including the watercolor, lightning reflections, smoothened god rays.

A new color filter available for you would keep the indecent bright and dark colors from getting displayed in the area that did not require.

trilion's shader image 8

This shader pack brings in a surprise for its user by removing the indoor fog, which created a nuisance and was also a matter of laugh among the gamers as the winter fog doesn’t flow into the buildings in the real world.

This was a much-awaited feature that every Minecraft user wanted to see for a long time.

Lightning from Sun and Moon appear to be much more bright, making the sky visuals feel better.

In short, Triliton’s shader pack is one easy to be recommended.

trilion's shader image 9

How to download Triliton’s Shader Pack?

Similar to the other shaders pack, downloading the Triliton’s shader pack is quite a simplistic task. This shader pack does not require an exact end system configuration and can work with GPU 3.0 and 512Mb of video memory.

After downloading, you have to install the shader

To install this shader’s mod minimal amount of changes are required to be made in your system. Also, the setting to allow third-party apps to be installed needs to be checked. After this, you can easily open Triliton’s Shader pack on your device.

Change Logs for Triliton’s Shader Pack

Below are some of the changes made in this shader pack

  1. Added colored glass
  2. More effective shadows of water
  3. Added forward rendering
  4. Bugs in shadows have been fixed
  5. Colors are more bright and clear
  6. Sunrise and Sunsets have better effects
  7. Reflections from water have been improved
  8. Disabled the default setting of Godrays
  9. Enabled Vignette
  10. Removed Glare


I hope you like the Triliton’s Shaders Mod!

To summarize, Triliton’s shader is an available sound option for better lighting and shadow effects with the minimum configuration required.

It can provide its user with decent visuals using the only GPU with OpenGL 3.0 support and only 512MB video memory. It is a readily available shaders pack.


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  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way.


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