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Waving Plants Shaders

Are you having trouble viewing the motion of plants and tree leaves in the best quality possible? This article will help you download one of the best shaders.

The Waving Plants Shaders are available across the web for this extraordinary experience in your Minecraft world.

Some shaders may have a blur motion feel while the others may give you a feeling of animated plants and leaves; on the other hand, some may have slight shadows.

To overcome all of these hiccups, Waving Plants shaders is one of the best available options. Still, before downloading this shader, the essential part will be to choose the best suitable version to your system and software requirements and the steps to be followed to install the shader for you to have the best output from your Minecraft game.

In this, we will discuss everything about the Waving plant shader, and so, scroll down to know more!

What Is Waving Plants Shader?

Waving Plants Shaders Sample Image

As the name suggests, the waving plants shader mod makes the plants and tree leave more realistic. Every game player knows that there will be no natural wind available inside the game.

Still, the use of waving plant shaders brings the same twist to the experience of believing the possibility of wild wind inside the game.

Starting from the moving greenery around, a player can also see the waving of leaves, grass, and various other bushes across the game.

The movement varies with the change in weather conditions from smooth to rough waves, also is based on the time of day. Waving Plants shaders creates a beyond belief view with the vigorous waving of leaves during the time of rain.

Grass, leaves, and bushes all wave vigorously during lousy weather like thunderstorms or snowstorms.

waving plants shaders

The combination makes this shader of some basic shaders like the GLSL shader pack with some added features like more graphics allowing vegetation to move and sway with the wind or even without the wind.

Many of the shader mods available in world Minecraft cannot do justice with the waving of plants and trees.

In some shaders, players may see the continuous or rather endless waving of plants irrespective of the nature of the game.

With the continued waving of the leaves, every player loses the sense of pragmatism and destroys players’ beliefs, resulting in lesser fun or no fun.

waving plants shaders

Waving Plants shaders mod is built keeping in mind that plants do not move on their own or naturally inside the game.

There are many different versions available for this shader pack. So players need to select the best possible versions based on their system and software requirements.

While using Waving Plants shaders, many players experience a lag on their frames per second (FPS), although these can be corrected following some elementary steps.

As a fundamental first step, if a player has a multicore CPU available.

They can turn on the multicore rendering if the settings are yet to be turned on, which will power the Minecraft game to distribute the workloads across all the processors, helping you provide a massive performance improvement.

Lowering the display quality and turning off the smooth lighting always helps increase the system performance but is contradictory to the features of shader packs.

waving plants shaders

This shader pack is also compatible with shader packs like Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable shaders, Sildur’s shaders, and Chocapic13’s shaders.

Even though this shader pack can cause a slowdown or may sometimes cause a lag in user experience, waving plant shaders does not have any other easily pointed disadvantages.

It is among the best available shaders that can be downloaded and installed in Minecraft without worrying about your game’s dysfunction.

It helps in getting rid of the stiffness in the Minecraft gameplay because of the static scenery. Like the other shader packs, waving plant shaders is a bit substantial in utilizing the system resources.

So it is highly recommended to upgrade the graphics and enjoy the magnificent views.

Once installing the shader pack properly, players’ gameplay takes a complete 180° turn and makes it most attractive.

In short, the Waving Plants Shader pack makes your Minecraft world more realistic by making it look more alive than usual.

How to Download the Waving Plants Shaders for Minecraft?

For downloading the waving plant shader for Minecraft, the essential requirement is GLSL shaders, OptiFine and Minecraft forge.

So, please follow the below steps to download Optifine and waving plant shaders.

  1. Open Optifine Page to Download Optifine.
  2. Steer to the original Optifine Version and Open the homepage of OptiFine Version
  3. Select downloads
  4. Click on Download
  5. Search for Waving Plant Shaders Download Button
  6. Download the shader
  7. Now similarly search Minecraft forge and download
  8. Follow similar steps to download shader 
  9. Search for download waving plants shaders over google or any other search engine.
  10. Download the shaders pack from the authentic websites.

How to install Minecraft shaders?

Below are steps to be followed to install waving plants shader in Minecraft:

  1. Open Minecraft.jar
  2. Delete the META-INF from minecraft.jar
  3. Open the Minecraft forge folder and select its components.
  4. Copy and paste the contents of the folder into the jar and make sure to delete META-INF for using Forge
  5. Copy and paste the contents of the GLSL shaders folder into the Minecraft jar
  6. Similarly, copy and paste the contents of the OptiFine folder into the jar.
  7. Open Minecraft and click on ‘Options.’
  8. Hover over shaders options and select ‘Open shaderpacks folder.’
  9. Drag and drop the ‘Waving Plants shaders’ into the folder
  10. Select waving plants and click ‘Done.’

You have successfully installed the Waving Plants shader in your Minecraft game Changelogs for Waving Plants Shaders

  1. A flickering issue faced on specific GPUs has been fixed
  2. Invalid gbuffers_terrain for some shaders has been fixed
  3. New addon options
  4. Codes for more straightforward configuration and updates
  5. Set the Biomes O’ Plenty ID

How to Configure the Waving Plants Shaders?

  1. Locate the gbuffers_terrain.vsh inside the waving plant’s folder
  2. Open the .vsh file with a word editor
  3. Now you can enable or disable features by changing the code
  4. To enable things to remove // written in front of the things
    1. #define WAVING_LEAVES
  5. To disable things add // in front of the things
    1. //#define WAVING_LEAVES

How to use this shader pack with other packs

  1. Unzip the Waving Plants shader and the shaders that you are want to use along with this shader
  2. Replace the already existing gbuffers_terrain.vsh in your shader with the waving plant’s file
  3. Add // in front of any things you enable.

Facing Low FPS:

If a player is experiencing low FPS, one can set the render distance, turn off the smooth lighting and turn on multicore functionality of load balancing.

You also make changes in gbuffers_terrain.vsh by turning on and offering a few things by adding or removing // in front of things.

This is all about the Waving Plants Shader; shader packs are about altering the lights and shadows, improving them to the best, and having the adorable Minecraft experience.

This shader has special waving effects, which are significantly less noticed in other packs.


  • We do not download and upload any shaders/mods on our server.
  • We use only links from the official developer, they are 100% safe.
  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way.
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