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Werrus Shaders for Minecraft

Looking for an incredible skyline? The Werrus shaders pack are ones you should look for.

This shader pack brings in a whole new change in lights and shadows from skies and clouds into the world of Minecraft.

The effects of lights and shadows are highly affected by the appearance of clouds in the sky.

Hovering dust balls can cause streaks of darkness to roll across the land down below. Shadow effects that you will get with Werrus shaders pack are not available in vanilla Minecraft.

Effects of realism and brilliant lightning effects are why people download and install this shader pack in the first place. None of the available shader packs have lighting like Werrus shaders.

These shaders were released in mid februrary 2015 and are compatible with Minecraft 1.12.X and 1.11.X.

werrus shaders

What are Werrus Shaders?

Werrus Shaders were created for you to have a change in light and shadows from skies and clouds. Shadow effects in this shader pack are better than most of the other shader mods available in the market for Minecraft.

Although the current version of Werrus shaders is compatible with Minecraft version 1.12, the creators of this shaders mod are further working on improving its compatibility with 1.12.

werrus shaders

The Foundation of this shader pack is also based on Chocapic13’s shaders mod, and so you can view some parts of the other popular shaders in this pack.

After the sunsets, the darkness in this shader mod is immense, and you might have to increase the brightness of your screen to continue playing.

If you are going inside caves, it would be impossible for you to explore things because of this immense darkness unless you have some other source of light with you.

werrus shaders

Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, where slight outlines and shapes of the surrounding objects are even visible with no lights, you cannot see anything with Werrus Shaders.

Requirements for Werrus shaders pack are pretty average and can be used even with the integrated Intel graphic cards.

But with low graphic cards, the visuals are not going to be that great. For you to have some fantastic visuals, usage of high-end GPU is recommended.

werrus shaders

The effects that Werrus shaders will give to your Minecraft the world will never allow you to switch off the shaders. This shaders mod comes in with two different versions.

Players can choose between the two based on the system and hardware they have.

There is a standard version, and the other is the HFPS version or High FPS version. HPFS versions tend to decrease the effects in a way that won’t have an impact on FPS.

Also, by reducing the render distance and keeping the reflections off, you can increase PFS.

There is no change in the water’s appearance, so you won’t notice any difference by turning off the reviews.

How to download the Werrus Shaders Pack?

Similar to the other shaders pack, downloading the Werrus shader pack is quite a simplistic task.

You just have to select the correct version from a standard and HFPS version based on your system requirements.

Werrus shaders do not require high system configuration and can be used with integrated graphics.

After downloading, you have to install the shader. 

To install this shader’s mod, minimal changes are required to be made in your system; also, the setting to allow third-party apps to be installed needs to be checked.

After this, you can easily open Werrus Shader pack on your device.

Changelogs for Werrus Shaders

  • Bloom has been added to power again
  • Lens flare has been changed
  • Improvement has done in the rain lens
  • Raindrops have also been improved
  • Improved Water
  • Gord Rays have been enhanced.
  • Improved in Shadow effects


Werrus shaders mod brings a very ambient change in the lights and shadows of the sky and clouds. Shaders mod brings in the sense of realism and brilliant lightning.

The requirement to install this shader’s mod is quite simplistic, as Werrus shaders can work even with the Integrated graphics of your system. Although it is highly recommended that you use high GPU’s for a better experience.


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