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yShaders for Minecraft

If you are among those who like to play the game of Minecraft on your personal computer and depending on the inbuilt graphic cards, the yShaders mod is one best available options for you to use.

Yshaders were designed to target that audience, dependent on the integrated Intel HD graphics already built inside Intel computers’ motherboards.

When most of the available shaders mod have some of the other resource requirement, like a decent GPU and some powerful processing system for you to enjoy the lights and other effects, yshaders overcome all these problems and work with the minimum available resources.

This is the best available shaders mod that works flawlessly without having a GPU.

What are yShaders for Minecraft?


The creators of yshaders wanted to create a readily available shader pack, which can be used by almost all the people who wanted to have a decent experience while playing the Minecraft game without spending many graphic cards and video memories.

The foundation of yShaders mod is based on the Chocapic13’s shaders mod. You may think that this shaders mod won’t have outstanding effects in the game because of the missing graphic cards, but on the contrary, they have great lighting and shadow effects that add to the realism of the game.


It has some hiccups in reflection and moving objects. The reflection leads to the non-availability of waves and wrinkles in water; you won’t experience any accurate reflections either.

Swaying of grass and tree leaves can be visualized in many other shaders mod using graphic cards is missing from yShaders.

But as said, if you want everything to be perfect in your game, from waving of water to the swaying of grass and trees, you would have to spend some price on buying some heavy graphic card.

At the same time, yShaders, on the other hand, has an entirely different target audience. As the saying goes, ‘Beggars can’t be choosers. So if you don’t have a high graphic card and hardware to support shaders mod, you only have yShaders mod available for you to use.


Although yShaders do not have much to offer, they are pretty helpful in increasing the quality of visuals in Minecraft. This shader mod comes in with three different versions Lite, high and Ultra version.

Starting from Lite to Ultra, resource usage increases gradually, resulting in a lower FPS rate. The simplicity of yshaders is what has made it very popular among gamers.

The real problem with shader packs is that you may not find the download link easily over the internet. As we mentioned earlier, yShaders mod is based on the Chocapic13’s shader.

Creators of the latter have made many changes in their service terms, resulting in many of the shaders mod who had Chocapic13’s as the base has taken down their download link.

Because of which people around the world have highlighted that it is pretty challenging to find a download link for this shader mod, but we have made that too a simple task for you.

You can find the download link of this shader in the article below.

How to download yShaders mod?

yShader mods are not easy to download, as because of some changes in terms of service, the creators of this pack were made to take down the download links from the web.

Don’t get worried! We are here for you. We have made it simpler for you to download yShaders. You follow the below link and enjoy using this shader on your PC

After downloading, you have to install the shader. 

There is no GPU requirement or any external graphics; it’s a simple installation simply by making some changes in your system to allow you to install third-party apps.

After this, you can easily open the yShaders pack on your device.

ChangeLogs for yShaders Pack

  • The light intensity of the lens flare effect and overall brightness in the game is decreased.
  • A new shader for water has been added.
  • Bugs related to the water shader experience have been fixed.

Final Verdict

yShaders are easy to use shaders mod, which do not require any graphic cards or external memory card but can work simply with the inbuilt card on the motherhood without affecting its performance.

It has a decent effect on the lightning and shadow effects over the game. Overall a good to use shaders mod for people who are using PC with inbuilt graphic cards. I hope you liked the article! Do share your comments.


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